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Alviero Martini is an Italian designer known for accessorizing clothes and accessories with map motifs.
Alviero Martini considers itself the interpreter of the cultural phenomenon that it Italian design. The company combines quality, desire, and detailed precision to create clothing that embodies spirit, individuality and an aversion to conformity.

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Martini is best known for its 1A Classe line. 2004 Miss Italy, Christina Chiabotto, is a huge fan of the line and is often photographed carrying the shopping and travel bags.
Other celebrity customers of the brand include actress Kelly Preston, actor Adrien Brody, Joseph Fiennes, and Cynthia Garrett. Aimed at an upper class clientele, Alviero Martini hand bags are crafted of the highest quality materials, including calf leather and are a highly prized and sought after collection.

The map motifs, which appear in colour on his beige handbags and luggage, set the Alviero Martini handbags apart from the competition. The company refers to the maps as a geo print. On solid coloured leather handbags the geo print is embossed. On the 20th anniversary of the company, Martini celebrated by opening a new flagship store in Rome, Italy, and released a special edition of its bags.

The bags, which celebrated the city of Rome, were adorned with golden overprint which read Roma and a gold stud appeared on the purses’ map to identify the city. Another custom bag was created for the flagship store in the city of Catania. This bag was decorated with an image of red elephant, an icon of the town, covering the geo print.

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